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SkinCare is not just about what you put on your skin, but the process in which you prepare your skin to receive it.  
Understanding what the skin needs in order to replenish itself to give the look & feel of healthy, youthful, timeless skin, is crucial to your skin's future.  
At LABeauty, Is not only relax and soothe but educate and provide you with the right tools to make your results everlasting. 



LUZ is a certified world class beautician, born and raised in Venezuela. Her passion is helping others understand the importance of proper self care and lasting beauty. 


"Beauty is something that comes from inside but can be matched with the right direction and proper application." -Says Luz. 

A mother, a model and a healthy skin advocate, luz's unique and direct approach to skincare is the difference between lasting results and a quick fix. 

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