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Find the selection for your needs, therapeutic grade Young Living.

  • 45 minutes
  • 60 Canadian dollars
  • Victoria

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Find out what essential oils are and what are their benefits. The use of essential oils in medicine, cosmetics, and perfumery dates back many centuries. And is that the recognition of essential oils in these fields is not fortuitous, because their benefits are as many as are the plants in the world. But what do we call essential oils? They are the essence, concentrated, strongly aromatic, light, and non-greasy, extracted from plants, flowers, roots, leaves, and trees. In other words, we could say that they are chemical compounds with a natural origin because to produce essential oils, a distillation or extraction process of the plant is needed to obtain its specific properties, this being the most delicate work so as not to damage or alter the molecular formula and active ingredients. The confidence of knowing that who we buy respects and knows how to extract, so for me Young Living, which is a pioneer company in this field, gained my confidence. As I told you before, essential oils are used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes, in perfumery industries, but also for therapeutic purposes from aromatherapy. It is very important that you know that aromatherapy and essential oils cannot be separated, what is more, there is the first because it is based on the second. Aromatherapy is a treatment that uses essential oils to achieve the physical and mental well-being of people. Although the benefits of essential oils are many and depend on the properties of the plant, we could say that most serve as antibiotics, antiseptics, toning, relaxing, working against inflammations and as cell regenerators, it is the beginning of medicine. modern. There are three ways to take advantage of the benefits of essential oils, so be careful to use them as best suits you: By inhaling the aromas we can activate the limbic system that is responsible for regulating emotions, memory, and even our sexual instincts. We can also ingest essential oils through pills. However, they must be prescribed by a specialist. And lastly, essential oils can be applied to the skin as topicals. The vast majority of them must be diluted in water or other oils so that they are not harmful in direct contact with the skin. Keep in mind that they are perfect for deeply hydrating and nourishing your skin; It provides softness, elasticity, firmness to your face or body and also regenerates the treated area.

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  • 1937 Lee Ave, Victoria, BC V8R 1C2, Canada


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